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    • 12:58
    • 25 Sep

    Moscow slams Sofia's expulsion of diplomats for spying

    Bulgaria claimed Russians had been seeking out classified info
    • 12:22
    • 24 Sep

    Recovery fund: FT, ECB asks EU to make it permanent

    Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia could be biggest net beneficiaries
    • 23:29
    • 22 Sep

    No more entry ban in Italy from people coming from Serbia

    Authorities removed quarantine obligation for Bulgaria
    • 18:31
    • 21 Sep

    Cinema: the great 'made in Sofia' movies return to Rome

    The thirteenth edition of the Bulgarian Film Festival
    • 13:31
    • 21 Sep

    Bulgaria court jails duo for life over 2012 bus bombing

    They were tried in absentia
    • 15:38
    • 18 Sep

    Three regions in Eastern Europe at high risk of poverty

    Two in Romania, one in Bulgaria, according to Eurostat data
    • 14:06
    • 17 Sep

    In Germany new cars registration drop by 28.8%

    Decline also across Central- and Estearn Europe
    • 16:20
    • 15 Sep

    Coronavirus: in Central- Eastern Europe new cases rise

    But number of deaths lower than last week
    • 19:01
    • 08 Sep

    Covid: Czechia, Hungary observing significant rise in cases

    In Ukraine new highs, situation better in Balkans
    • 10:40
    • 03 Sep

    55 people hurt as showdown in Bulgaria takes violent turn

    In Parliament controversial draft for a new constitution
    • 08:24
    • 01 Sep

    COVID-19: Ukraine observing increase in new cases

    Deaths rise in Central-Eastern Europe
    • 17:14
    • 26 Aug

    Covid: Bulgaria, haulers protest on the border with Greece

    Forced to extend the trips due to the closure of the crossing