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    • 12:59
    • 29 Apr

    Covid: cased and deaths down in Central- and Eastern Europe

    In Hungary record number of vaccinations
    • 17:51
    • 22 Apr

    Covid: ECDC, no more Italian regions in dark red

    Incidence still very high in Sweden, Poland, Hungary
    • 14:39
    • 19 Apr

    Hungary also opposes establishment of Super League

    "Sport belongs to everyone, cannot be claimed by the richest"
    • 11:09
    • 14 Apr

    Covid: Europe, highest number of deaths in Poland last week

    Czechia, Hungary with most deaths in comparison with population
    • 15:42
    • 06 Apr

    Hungarian MEP, EU should follow Budapest on vaccines

    The European Commission "has messed up" campaign
    • 12:18
    • 02 Apr

    Orban, cooperation in Europe with Salvini and Morawiecki

    "People's Party has committed itself to the European Left"
    • 15:28
    • 01 Apr

    Hungarian Minister, ready for Orban-Salvini-Morawiecki

    Today meeting over a new far-right EU alliance
    • 13:39
    • 31 Mar

    In Bulgaria lowest hourly labour costs in 2020

    But increasing, as in Hungary and Czechia
    • 15:22
    • 30 Mar

    Italy's Salvini to meet Orban over new far-right EU alliance

    Meeting planned ins Budapest on Thursday