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Poland: post Covid-19 challenges at Krynica Economic Forum

Over 330 events organized in maximum health safety

10 August, 10:44
(by Adam Hanzelewicz) (ANSA) - TRIESTE, 10 AGO - The debate on the challenges that await Europe in the post Covid-19 will animate the 30th edition of the Economic Forum of Krynica Zdroj (Poland), renamed the 'Davos of the East' by insiders, scheduled from 8 to 10 September, with more than 330 events the participation of thousands of guests including politicians, experts, managers from over 60 countries, in full compliance with health regulations: the theme this year is "Europe after the pandemic: solidarity, freedom, community?"."Solidarity - says Forum's founder and chief Zygmunt Berdychowski in an interview on „Rzeczpospolita" - because the year 2020 is primarily the 40th anniversary of Solidarity. The movement that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall changed our part of Europe so much. Freedom - because discussions on how to combine the right to full freedom for individuals and communities to realise one's own needs with ever stronger movements that anarchise democratic reality are becoming more frequent. And finally, community - because in our part of the continent there is more and more talk about how to take care of one's own identity and national interests while creating the European Union.This slogan is also valid in the context of a pandemic. How to build lasting international solidarity in the fight against the biggest plague of the 21st century? ? How much can the state limit the civil liberties of the individual in the interest of the collective well-being of citizens? Where is the boundary between the freedom of the individual and his responsibility for the fate of the community? Will awareness of the universal threat create a community that will help us to overcome the COVID-19? (ANSA).

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