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    • 12:31
    • 06 May

    EU sources, Russia dossier at the EU summit leaders in Porto

    'Too many events, can't wait for the month-end summit.'
    • 09:38
    • 06 May

    Blinken, US support for Ukraine's sovereignty, integrity

    First visit to Kiev by a senior US official under Biden
    • 15:06
    • 30 Apr

    Blinken to visit Ukraine to show solidarity

    After Russian troop movements
    • 12:31
    • 23 Apr

    Russia begins drawdown of troops from Ukraine's border

    Following weeks of heightened tensions between Moscow and West
    • 18:24
    • 22 Apr

    Russia to end military drills near Ukraine on Friday

    After tensions with the West
    • 12:13
    • 20 Apr

    US envoy to Moscow returning to US for consultations

    After new spike in tensions between Moscow and Washington
    • 12:59
    • 19 Apr

    Russia 'responsible' for Navalny's health: EU's Borrell

    Dangerous situation around Russia's military on Ukraine border.
    • 12:49
    • 14 Apr

    US, Britain, France, Germany to hold talks on Afghanistan

    And on Ukrainian-Russian border, Iran
    • 11:03
    • 14 Apr

    Germany, Russia seeking to 'provoke' in Ukraine conflict

    Berlin says "we won't be drawn into this game"
    • 19:07
    • 13 Apr

    Biden warns Putin on Ukraine, proposes summit

    US President called on Russia to de-escalate tensions
    • 15:14
    • 13 Apr

    Russia 'must end' Ukraine military build-up: NATO chief

    Stop provocations and de-escalate immediately
    • 16:20
    • 09 Apr

    US to send two warships to Black Sea, says Turkey

    Kiev rules out offensive against pro-Russia separatists
    • 15:16
    • 08 Apr

    Merkel urges Russia to reduce troops on Ukraine border

    It is the way to "to de-escalate tensions"
    • 14:23
    • 08 Apr

    Ukraine's Zelensky to visit frontline after surge in clashes

    After a surge in clashes with separatist forces
    • 14:33
    • 06 Apr

    NATO chief says 'concern' over Russia's Ukraine activities

    Kiev accused Moscow of massing thousands of troops on borders