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Albania: controllers strike, flights to Tirana resumed

Replaced with workers from Turkey and Greece

09 April, 13:49
(ANSA) - ROME, 09 APR - Normal scheduled flights resume today at Tirana's "Mother Teresa" airport, the only international airport in Albania, blocked since Wednesday due to the protest of air traffic controllers whose salaries were cut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The authorities intervened immediately to resolve the problem.

They decided to replace the demonstrators with controllers from Turkey, and another group expected today from Greece. "They will work together to guarantee the activity. It was an act of solidarity in a dire and incomprehensible situation", said Prime Minister Edi Rama in an interview with Albanian TV station ABC News.

Since last April, the Albcontrol company has revised the employment contract for flight controllers, almost halving their monthly salary, which has fallen to about 2,000 euros, after revenues have dropped following the reduced air traffic due to the pandemic. The authorities declared the strike "illegal." Albcontrol filed a complaint, and the prosecutor launched a specific investigation. Over 20 controllers were interrogated, and a detention order was issued against three of them on charges of "abuse of office." (ANSA).

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